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GBA 128M smart Card  (ratio 1:1)               GB transferer 2                                       Program window for GB  Transferer 2


Xlinker5使用說明:      Xlinker 5V1.05 17/06/02    For Win 95/98/2K/XP

從電腦選擇遊戲下載到GBA smart card中,它會出現一行Bar, 這行Bar左至右上
升(0%-100%), 當到100%的時候; 在下方會出現遊戲名稱.亦代表傳送工作完成.

在xlinker中選"PROG"選擇SMPACK4.GBA檔案下載到GBA smart card中,在下載
記憶卡及遊戲檔案的大小而定(例如:64M smart card可以下載2個32M game) (參考下圖一)

將遊戲帶插入GB Transferer II,開啟xlinker,按"READ"後選擇容量8M - 64M,
選擇後按O.K, 寫入檔案名稱按存檔, 當去到 100%時, 已成功存檔.
** 註: 多合1 的程式是不能備份 **

4. 利用xlinker開啟遊戲的進度: 
1. Battery Backup(參考下圖二)
開啟Icon上的"LOAD"[Update Smart Card From PC], 如果選用單一個遊戲時, 
請用Normal Class 的Page 1 再按O.K鍵, 然後輸入檔案名稱便可使用. 如
Smart Card 內有2個遊戲時, 第2個遊戲才使用Page 2的.
Special Class是針對一些程式和遊戲才使用. 通常普遍的遊戲是不會使用的.
2. Flash Memory(參考下圖三)
在Flash Memory Saver Selected 按OK鍵, 再輸入檔案名稱即可.
** 註: 要使用Sram Saver的遊戲是不能使用Flash Saver代替. Flash的遊戲

在GBA Smart Card 內會分為 Sram Saver 同Flash Saver, 在 Smart Card上
有一選擇F 及 S 掣, F=Flash Saver; S=Sram Saver, (在下載遊戲時, 對
話盒會出現用什麼來Saver).在Xlinker 按"SAVE"[Backup Smart Card Saver
toPC] Icon, 會出現選擇畫面, 左上方有一個選擇鍵,選擇用[Battery Backup
Saver Selected] 或 [Flash Memory Saver Selected]. 
選擇用Flash Saver, 請按 [Flash Memory Selected] 再按 O.K鍵便可.
選擇用Sram Saver, 請按 [Battery Backup Saver Selected], 在此會有多個
選擇, 一般遊戲都是使用Normal Class; Normal Class內會分為2區;, [Page 
1 64K] 和 [Page 2 64K]選擇. 如果是用單一個遊戲的, 祗要按下[Page 1 
64K], [Page 2 64K] 祗在2合1的第2個遊戲才可使用.
** 註: 2合1的 第1 個遊戲=Page 1
第2個遊戲=Page 2用的Saver 
Special Class會分為4個Page同2個Size, 簡單來說: 1個遊戲通常用32K Saver
, 這樣Smart Card可儲存4個32K Saver, 但因沒有 8M-16M遊戲,此方法使用,是
** 註: 單一個遊戲使用時祗需要選擇Page 1 64K (Sram Saver)

6.按"ERASE"是用來快速清洗Smart Card內的資料.

1)Multi-Boot Flie Name:
當下載2個以上的遊戲檔(*.GBA)時,自動下載smpack file到GBA中
2)Code Boot File Function:
3)Enable Patch Function:
當此選項開啟後當下載GBA檔案到Smart Card時,程式會自動在xlinker的
ips_folder中找尋對應的patch file與GBA檔案下載到Smart Card中

按"Patch File Change"會有4個選擇[Change Edit]是用於更改GBA檔與其ips
檔的連結.[Nil Edit]是選擇某個GBA檔不用patch file.[Delete]是選擇刪指
定的ips檔.[Cancel]則是離開 (參考下圖4)

Xlinker5 user guide:


1.       Run “xlinker.exe” program, on the right top corner of the xlinker screen is “PROG” which transfers selected GBA files (*.GBA) downloaded from the PC to the GBA smart card, a horizontal bar will appear, this bar indicates the transferring of the file from left to right increasing for 0%-100%. When it reaches 100%; the game name will appear below. This also means that it has finished transferring.


2.     Many in one:

In xlinker select “PROG” choose SMPACK4.GBA file download to GBA smart card. When downloading game file, hold down the Ctrl button and at the same time with your mouse, left click to choose another game file, according to the memory card and game file size (e.g.: 64M smart card can download 2 32M games) Picture 1 as follow


3.     Game cartridge transferred to backup file:

Plug the cartridge into the GB Transferer II, run xlinker, click “READ” then choose the capacity 8M-64M, after selection press O.K., input the document name and save. Upon reaching 100%, the file have successfully been saved.

**warning: the many in one program cannot backup.


4.     Using xlinker open game progress:

1.       Battery Backup Picture 2 as follow

Open “LOAD” above the icon (Update Smart Card From PC), when choosing one game, use Normal Class Page 1, then press O.K. and finally input the file name. If the smart card contains 2 games, use page 2 for the second game. Special Class is especially made for particular programs and games. Usually normal games need not use this.

2.     Flash Memory Picture 3 as follow

In Flash Memory Saver Selected press OK button, then input file name.

    ** warning: when using Sram Saver games you cannot use Flash Saver instead. Vice versa


5.     Using xlinker backup game progress:

In GBA Smart Card it is divided into Sram Saver and Flash Saver. On the Smart Card there is a switch for choosing F & S, F=Flash Saver; S=Sram Saver, (when downloading game, you will be asked what saver to use for save). In Xlinker press “SAVE” (Backup Smart Card Saver to PC) Icon, a choice screen will appear, on the left top corner there is a choice button, choose (Battery Backup Saver Selected) or (Flash Memory Saver Selected). Choosing Flash Saver, press (Flash memory Selected) then click on O.K. Choosing Sram Saver, press (Battery backup Saver Selected), here you will find many choices. Ordinary games use Normal Class; Normal Class consists of 2 areas; (Page 1 64K) & (Page 2 64K) to choose from. Using single games, click on (Page 1 64K), smart cards containing 2 games, (page 2 64K) is for the second game.

**warning: The first game in 2 in 1 = Page 1

          Second game=Page 2

Special Class is divided into 4 pages and 2 sizes. In other words: 1 game ordinarily uses 32K Saver. That means the Smart Card can save 4 32K savers, however, there aren’t any 8M-16M games. This method is for particularly special games and programs.

** warning: for single games use Page 1 64K (Sram Saver)


6.     Press ”Erase” to rapidly delete the data in the Smart Card.


7. Xlinker setting:

  Click “SETUP” to enter, there are 3 functions:

1)      Multi-Boot File Name:

When downloading 2 or more game files(*.GBA), automatically download smpack file to GBA

2)    Code Boot File Function:

This function is temporarily unavailable

3)    Enable Patch Function:

When this function is running and a GBA file is being downloaded to the Smart Card, the program will automatically search through the xlinker ips_folder for the compatible patch file and download the GBA file to the Smart Card


8. Editing patch setting:

Click “Patch File Change” 4 choices will appear (Change Edit) is used for editing GBA files and ips files linkings. (Nil Edit) is a choice of a specific GBA file, need not patch file. (Delete) is for eliminating the chosen ips file. (Cancel) is to exit. Picture 4 as follow

9.I just bought two GBA 64M Smart Cards, but on the user guide you talk about ips files and patches. I would like to know what these are and what they do.
Those files are for patching the EEP saver type Rom file to battery saver type.



( 2)   Many in one  製作多合一game  Picture 1



4.     Using xlinker open game progress: 利用xlinker開啟遊戲的進度: 

1.       Battery Backup     Picture 2




(4.)     Using xlinker open game progress: 利用xlinker開啟遊戲的進度: 

    2.     Flash Memory     Picture 3



  8. Editing patch setting:  更改patch表設定: Picture 4