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GB USB smart card 64M    Q&A

Q1. What is GB USB Smart Card 64M ?
A. It is a Smart Card for GB/GBC/GBA/GBA sp. With some music program, user could creat their own music. User may also write his own progam, or download some programs from internet, and run on GB/GBC/GBA/GBA sp.

Q2. I failed to install the driver on my 64bit system because of the driver signature problem. How could I fix it ?
A. Please follow the guide "64bit Driver Installation Guide.pdf" in the CD to solve this problem.

Q3. The program always holds during file trasferation. What's matter ?
A. Please re-install the driver. Please note that you MUST reboot your PC after driver installation.

Q4. For "single file burning", it works perfectly. But for "multiple files burning", the color of the screen becomes strange. What's matter ?
A. For "multiple files burning", if that is a GBC file, please click the "color" option in the program interface. If that is a GB file, please un-click the "color" option.

Q5. What file is compatible with this product ?
A. This product only supports GB / GBC files. It doesn't support GBA files or any other files.

Q6. After turn on the console, the NXXXXXXX logo could not be shown correctly, and it holds afterward. How could I fix it ?
A. This could be a bad contact problem. Please clean the port of the card with a rubber, and then try again.

Q7. When I going to load a prevous saver, I find that it is disappeared. How could I fix it ?
A. May be the silver battery has been run out. Please replace it and try again.

Q8. There are several different program inside the card. I find that the card could only hold the latest saver, while all older saver of other programs are disappeared. What's matter ?
A. The saver is stored in SRAM, which could only hold the saver of one program. All old saver would be overwritten by new one. To solve this, please backup the savers to PC.

Q9. Are there anything to note when I connect the card to PC ?
A. When you connect the card to PC, please remove it from any console first.

Q10. Someone on the internet said, this card consume more power then original cards. Is it true?
A. The power consumed by this card should be around 10% higher then that by original cards. This could not be avoided as this card has much more internal parts then original cards. Please note that the power consumed different from card to card, and would also be affected by the volume and brightness setting of the console.