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                                                                              PS 18000                 PS 3xxxx

     USB1 can use your PC keyboard on PS2 console  (switch "K")

       USB1  can be play CD backup games (blue color) for PS / PS2   (switch "M")           



1).  For PS2 CD Backup Games

ð    Plug the USB1 into USB slot  on PS2 console (follow the photo)

ð Plug the ActionReplay2 card  into the memory card slot  and   insert the Version 1.7 or 1.9 of “ActionReplay2” disc into the PS2 machine.

ð     Power off the PS2 machine.

ð     After that, select the START GAME function in the “Main Menu” screen, and then select WITHOUTitem for next page.

ð     Exchange the disc to the PS2 CD Backup games in the PS2 machine.

ð     Finally, Press the “X” from joystick to play PS2 CD Backup games.


2).  For PS1 CD Backup Games

ð     Plug the USB1 into USB slot  on PS2 console (follow the photo) 

ð   Power off the PS2 machine. 

ð     Insert the PS1 Backup games into the PS2 machine to play.