M.A.M.E. Emulator Games                                                      English version | 嶄猟井


 The following is a comprehensive list of gun games that can be played with the latest version of the M.A.M.E.

 emulator program. Please do not contact us to request any of the game ROM's listed below.


 You can download the M.A.M.E. Emulator from www.mame.net .

  Alien 3
Area 51
Beast Busters
Clay Pigeon
Desert Gun
Dragon Gun
Golly! Ghost!
Gun Bullet
Hit 'n Miss
Jurrasic Park
Lethal Enforcers II
Locked 'n Loaded
Lucky and Wild
Maximum Force
Mechanized Attack
N.Y. Captor
Night Stocker
One Shot One Kill
Operation Bear
Operation Thunderbolt
Operation Wolf
PlayChoice 10: Duck Hunt
PlayChoice 10: Wild Gunman
PlayChoice 10: Hogan's Alley
Point Blank
Police Trainer
Revolution X
Sharpshooter (Rev 1.7)
Space Gun
Steel Gunner 2
Target Hits
Terminator 2: Judgement Day
Tickee Tickats
Triple Hunt
Turkey Shoot
Under Fire
Vs. Duck Hunt
Vs. Gumshoe
Vs. Hogan's Alley
Who Dunit
Zero Point
Zombie Raid

 Shockwave / Flash / Java Shooting Games


1. A-Blast 3D
2. Aevil
3. Amok!
4. Amnesia
5. Antaris Realspace
6. Attack of The Crackosaures
7. Big Tower Terror
8. Blastem
9. Bubble Game
10. Bullseye Blaster
11. Bulleye's Saloon
12. Buster
13. Circus Target
14. Clay Ship Shootin'


15. Cornpile
16. Croaps
17. Desktop Shooter
18. Don't Kill Kenny
19. Don't Kill Kenny 2

20. Duck Massacre
21. Duck Shoot
22. Galactic Goobers
23. Gophers
24. Hotshot
25. It's Turkey Time
26. Killer Cows
27. Matrix Game
28. Meteor Attack


29. Missile Commando
30. Mouse Hunt
31. Online Paintball

32. Psycho Target Shoot
33. Sheep Cull
34. Snake Shooter
35. Snipers
36. Star Corp Stress Relief Paintball
37. Tail Gunner
38. Target Shooter
39. Tsunami
40. Waste 'Em
41. Zelyfis
42. Zombie Killer 2071 AD
43. Zombie Killer 2072 AD

Other Fun Programs

    Shoot Your Desktop - Gun (33KB)