#0905 GB USB smart card 64M

weight : 36.2g

  • Build-in 64M memory. (2 pages, 32M per page)

  • Supports GB / GBC / GBA / GBA sp...etc

  • Supports GB / GBC ROMs (include LSDJ)

  • Multiple game ROMs burning is allowed.

  • Connect to PC via USB cable.

  • Supports Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 beta

  • Easy replaceable battery (for SRAM). No soldering is needed.



     ** Game saver is stored in SRAM. It could only store one game saver

         at the same time.

     ** No game ROM is built in the card, nor included in the package.

     ** Also compatible with GB Transferer I & II.

     ** The mini usb cable is sold separately, which is not included in the


     driver and user manual : Download.